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Music Hall Yans Club

Yans Club Music Hall is a two-level hall with 250 comfortable seats and large stage, excellent acoustic and light effects, equipped with the last word of technique. There are appear armenian and foreign famous jazz-musicians, as well as young professional performers and jazz- bands on the stage of Yans Club. Nevertheless, musical diapason of Yans Club is not limited with jazz; it is also the meeting place with the performers of different trends — from blues and avant-guarde to the classical music. And it is not casual, that the opening of the Armenian jazz Star Avenue on December 23, 2012 , held at the same time with the opening of Music Hall Yans Club. There is a real festival of good music in the Club every evening, where the performers reveal complete potential of their talents and the audience is infected by their inspiration. It makes unforgettable every evening in Yans Club , because of s uch an exchange of positive emotions. Come and share with us the joy of celebration of really good music.